AJ Food Services

Abia Judd has both a breakfast and lunch program. Breakfast is served from 7:45-8:20.

We have an automated accounting system that keeps track of each student’s account and money paid can be used for breakfast or lunch. Because all accounts are closed at the end of each year, all students must open a new account and get a new lunch number at the beginning of the school year.

ON-LINE PAYMENT OPTION Pay On-Line towards your child’s lunch account


Students should pay into their accounts in the morning before school. Deposits cannot be taken in the line during lunch. All students will be asked to remember their lunch account number so when they come through the lunch line, they can say their name and number to the cashier. If paying cash for lunch, students are asked to have their money ready.

Parents who meet low-income requirements may qualify to have your children receive free or reduced price breakfast and lunch. Applications are in the school office