Bus Transportation

Article VI-8, Arizona Revised Statutes reads: “The driver of any school bus shall be held responsible for the orderly conduct and safety of the pupils transported. Continued disorderly conduct or refusing to respect the authority of the school bus driver shall be sufficient reason for the pupil to be denied transportation. All adult passengers, such as coaches, teachers, etc., are also under the authority of the school bus driver.” View the District Transportation Page (including routes).

Traffic and Bus Rules

When operating a motor vehicle on campus, going to or from school, or at a school event, a student shall follow all school and other traffic laws and shall operate the motor vehicle in a safe and prudent manner. A student shall abide by all school rules regulating the students while in a school bus or other vehicle, and shall obey the directive of school bus drivers. (A.R.S.—Title 28)

General Transportation Information

According to School Board policy, PUSD will transport high school students who live more than a two-mile radius from their school, if roads permit and a sufficient number of students ride. The district will publish a list of bus stops and route times before the school year begins. Bus routes are published in the local newspaper and are also posted at all school offices. For further information on bus routes, please call the PUSD Transportation Department at 717-3229. If there is a major change in bus schedules during the school year, revised schedules will be sent home with the students prior to the changes going into effect, whenever possible.

It is the responsibility of the parent to assure that students are at their bus loading zones five (5) minutes prior to loading time (as listed on bus schedules) for morning pick-up. Students waiting at bus loading zones are the responsibility of the parent unless the loading zone is on school property.

It is the responsibility of the parent to assure that their children are aware of their bus stop location. It is not the responsibility of PUSD to monitor where high school students board the bus or exit the bus en route home after school. Students may only exit the bus in the morning en route to school if they exit at a designated PUSD bus stop (a permission note from parents is required) or they exit at a designated stop for purposes of transferring to their school, i.e. voluntary or involuntary transfers. Transportation to doctor’s appointments, work and/or any reason other than going home will be provided only if there is room on the bus and students exit at a designated stop.

The following list of rules is posted in all school buses and must be followed at all times. Bus drivers will ensure that all students are familiar with and understand these rules:

  1. Obey the bus driver at all times.
  2. No profane language or gestures.
  3. No eating, drinking or spitting on bus.
  4. No glass containers.
  5. No littering.
  6. No smoking.
  7. No animals, insects or reptiles.
  8. No skateboards.
  9. No destruction of property (bus or that of other riders).
  10. Stay seated.
  11. Keep all parts of the body inside the bus at all times.
  12. Bus driver may assign seats.
  13. Conduct yourself as though you were in a classroom.

Procedures on Written Notices Re: Violation of Bus Rules

Procedures for written notices are in accordance with Governing Board of Education policies senior high students, grades 9-12.

  1. Verbal warning.
  2. Have offender sit in front seat or assigned seat.
  3. After two verbal warnings and conduct has not improved, written notice will be given to offenders within 24 hours. The notice must be signed by the parent and returned to the bus driver before the student can ride again. The purpose of the first notice is to inform parents that a problem is developing. Forgery of parent’s signature will be turned over to the principal.
  4. A second notice can result in the denial of student bus-riding privileges for up to five (5) days. A conference with the director of transportation and principal may be required for the student to resume bus-riding privileges. The principal and/or director of transportation will inform parents of any action taken.
  5. If the student receives a third notice, the student can be denied bus-riding privileges for an indefinite period of time, depending on the seriousness of the infraction.
  6. Offenses of a serious nature, or which seriously endanger the safety of others, may result in immediate bus suspension. The principal, in consultation with the bus driver and the director of transportation will determine the length of the suspension.